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General Information

Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental non-profit organization established with the aim to promote economic development of Volgograd region, its integration into Russian economy, favourable conditions for entrepreneurship, coordination of relations between entrepreneurs and their social partners and to protect interests of entrepreneurs.

Volgograd CCI, established on December 5, 1990, nowadays is one of the authoritative regional entrepreneurial communities uniting enterprises and organizations of all economic sectors.

Chamber membership provides entrepreneurs with new opportunities of business development, establishment of business relations with Russian and foreign partners, highly active participation in significant regional and international business events. Joining the membership of Volgograd CCI enterprises and organizations of Volgograd region simultaneously become members of the CCI of the Russian Federation. Volgograd CCI is included in the system of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, which unites 173 territorial chambers of commerce and industry.   

Representing and protecting interests of entrepreneurs Volgograd CCI actively participates in effective interaction between entrepreneurs and governmental authorities, and is involved in implementation of programmes aimed at entrepreneurship development.

The President and management of the Chamber are members of 37 public organizations which provide coordination between entrepreneurial and governmental organizations of Volgograd and its region. For example, Public Council on Small and Medium-sized Business Protection under the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Volgograd region, public advisory councils under the Federal Antimonopoly Service and Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of Volgograd region, boards of directors of enterprises and organizations of Volgograd, Volgograd region and other entities.

Volgograd CCI is actively engaged in legislation, including regulatory control of draft regulatory legal acts. The Chamber constantly monitors efficiency of legal regulation of state and municipal services for the entrepreneurial community of Volgograd region. Since 2003 the Public Reception under the Chamber has been operating regarding all issues of entrepreneurship. Moreover, in May 2010 the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation accredited VCCI as an independent expert for expert analysis of draft normative documents for a corrupt constituent.

One of the most important statutory goals of VCCI is comprehensive support of entrepreneurs of Volgograd region. All issues concerning organization and development of business can be solved in Volgograd CCI as in a single centre. Now Volgograd CCI is one of the largest chambers of the Russian Federation regarding the volume and range of services. It provides regional entrepreneurs and enterprises with more than one hundred services which encourage production development, export and competitive growth of Volgograd business.  

The range of services is constantly expanding. Many initiatives of Volgograd CCI are new in the system of the CCI of the Russian Federation and are introduced by other Chambers.

The Chamber has 3 following informational resources:

  • newspaper titled “Uyzhny Delovoy Vestnik”
  • expert and analytical journal titled “Business АNALITIC”;
  • website: www.volgoradcci.ru.

Nowadays Volgograd CCI is an active and multifunctional organization which is able to actually support entrepreneurs uniting organizations interested in economic development and formation of favourable conditions for strengthening of Russian business role in Russia and abroad.